Stainless Steel Baseboard, Custom Length, 3 in height

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Our formed stainless baseboard takes our high-quality stainless toe kick and adds dimension to it! These custom formed pieces are intended for use as baseboard along walls, halls, or anywhere else a more traditional dimensional shape is desired. Durable and corrosion-resistant, Stainless Steel Baseboard- Custom Length, 3 in height add a professional finish to the base of any wall. Made of solid #304 stainless steel, these baseboards are custom made for your next project. Available in single pieces up to 92” long, baseboards can also be installed end-to-end with a hairline seam for even longer distances.

End caps are available for outside corners- if you have an outside corner, add ½” to the length of one piece of baseboard and select the (right) or (left) endcap. For inside corners, no ends will be visible so no end cap is needed.

Steel grade = 304 Stainless Steel

Gauge (GA) = 18 ga (.050” thick)

Available in Grained Finish (#4)

To order a custom size below, the first box is for the whole inch size, and the second box is to add a fractional dimension to the measurement – for example, to order a custom baseboard 4 1/8″ long, enter 4 in the Length box, and .125 in the Length (decimal) box.