About Us

Headquartered in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, USA, Stainlesstoekick.com was founded in 2014 on the belief that there was a better use for the large amount of excess material that was generated from other manufacturing operations. With a close connection to the architectural and design markets, the folks at stainlesstoekick.com (at the time more appropriately called kindagotanidea.com) realized that there was no good source for high quality stainless steel toekick. Made in the USA, we take great pride in providing our customers a quality stainless steel toekick at a low cost with superior customer service, and feel great about using premium, brand­ new material in beautiful, usable ways instead of sending back for recycling. Browse our site, give us a call, email or chat to connect with one of our stainless toekick specialists now to discuss your needs. If you are an architect or a designer, please contact us for specification sheets, help with budgeting and volume pricing, and other design options to thrill your clients and make your projects stand out. We want to see your project succeed!

Stainlesstoekick.com Team


Have a question? Call or text us at (888)547-5282 or email us at info@stainlesstoekick.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.