Heavy Duty Aluminum Corner Guards- Custom Size

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Very heavy duty and durable, Heavy duty Aluminum Corner Guards- Custom Size protects your corners with solid aluminum.  Made of .25" thick solid Aluminum, these corner guards provide ultimate durability are precision cut to perfectly fit your next project.  Available in any size up to 92” long.

Metal alloy = 5052 Aluminum

Material thickness = .25” thick

Available in Grained Finish (#4)

To order a custom size below, the first box is for the whole inch size, and the second box is to add a fractional dimension to the measurement – for example, to order a custom toe kick 4 1/8″ high x 32 1/2″ long, enter 4 in the first box, .125 in the box to the right, 32 in the bottom left box, and .5 in the bottom right box.