How to Measure for Your Stainless Toekick

Posted by on Jul 23rd 2021

Here at, we want your toe kick to look beautiful, and the first step toward a perfect stainless steel toe kick is to take accurate measurements for ordering the right size. Different from wood and many other building materials, our stainless steel toe kicks are made of solid 18 gauge steel, which is somewhere between difficult to impossible to cut or adjust with tools in your own home. We have over 65,000 square feet of industrial manufacturing equipment that we use to ship you your custom toe kick in exactly the size to fit your space. Here’s a few great tips to help you get the best measurements for the best results:

Select your method of joining the toekicks.

Your two options of joining stainless steel toe kicks will be to use the corner angles or to create a hairline seam.

Corner Angles

Corner Angles look great and give you some flexibility on both measurement and installation. This is the method we at recommend.

Hairline Seams

Hairline seams are perfectly flat and smooth as long as you measure very accurately. If this is the method you choose, make sure you have a little more time for installation as it may take extra time to align the pieces. If you are using a hairline seam to join your stainless steel toekicks, you need to be as specific as possible as the stainless toe kick will look best with a tight seam.

Measure the length of the toekick

For the length, just measure the length of toe kick you will need. If you are going to be using an inside or outside corner piece (highly recommended for easier measure, easier install, and a great look) you will have a full inch of “forgiveness” as the corner will overlap the toe kick, and each toe kick can be shortened by as little as 1/16 of an inch up to a full inch.

Measure the height of your toekick

Measure the height you need from the floor to the bottom of your cabinet, or the highest point that you want the stainless steel toe kick to cover. With a typical cabinet overhang, you will not be able to see the top 1⁄8 -­ 1⁄4” of the toe kick unless you are lying on the floor, and giving yourself some extra room will make the install a bit easier, so do not worry about getting it really tight on the height.

Convert any fractions of an inch into decimal places

Hopefully you were paying attention in your sixth grade math class, but rest assured we’ve included a handy chart or you can use any calculator to convert your fractions to decimals. Our machines that measure and cut the toe kick pieces and are very accurate- up to 3 decimal places- so be as specific as you can.