How to Design Your Custom-Shaped Toe Kick with Design Proof

How to Design Your Custom-Shaped Toe Kick with Design Proof

Posted by on Oct 15th 2021

Here at, we know sometimes there are things in the way from using a standard rectangle to complete your project. From a sloping floor, to under cabinet vents, vacuums, and other utilities, we understand sometimes you need a custom-shaped piece. Since starting our business in 2014, our Michigan-based customer service and design teams have received many calls and emails from our customers, and our most common question is when a customer has all of their measurements set and then one piece is “just a little special…”.

So here’s our favorite tips and tricks for measuring and designing that special-one-of-a-kind-perfect fit piece for your next Toe Kick project!

Our new product line of toe kicks, Custom Shape with Design Proof, is our tried-and-true method of creating the perfectly shaped toe kick for your unique project. Made of the same quality materials and formed with the same precision as the rest of our products, Stainless Toe Kick- Custom Shape with Design Proof is the solution to fitting your solid stainless steel toe kick in locations that require more complex shapes and measurements.

Select Your Toe Kick Finish

First, select the product to design based on the finish you want (Stainless Steel Grained or Mirror, or Brass Toe Kick- Matte Gold Finish).

Take Your Measurements

Next, you’ll need to tell us about your piece. Sometimes describing your custom piece is pretty simple, and if that’s the case, you could order it by just writing out the detailed description in the textbox of the product ordering page. Here is an example:

“I need a toe kick piece 4.25” high by 24” long, with a square vent 2” x 12” centered on the piece.”

But more often than not, we find that a simple sketch with a few dimensions and/or a photo of the space you would like it to fit make for the best. The sketch doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to communicate the shape of toe kick you need. Here are some examples:

Custom Shaped Toe Kick Sketch

Your Custom Toe Kick Design Proof is Sent to you for Approval

Next, your design will go to one of the designers on the team, and we’ll draw up a technical drawing for you. A technical drawing is one that is drawn “to scale”, meaning that it is at the right proportions, but drawn small enough to fit on a page. The drawing will show the shape of your piece, have labels with dimensions, and any custom details you have added. This is usually enough detail for customers to feel happy that their design is correct.

Still unsure? Order a template!

But if reading technical drawings aren’t your thing and you want to be sure your piece will fit, you can order a template. For custom-shaped pieces, we offer an additional option to purchase a digital template for your piece. With that option, we will create a full 1:1 scale PDF (which in some cases, is a really big PDF!) with the shape of your piece. If you take the 1:1 PDF to a local print shop, they will know how to print it “at full size” for you. We’ll even include instructions to bring with you to the print shop just to make sure everyone is on the same page (no pun intended).

Then, cut out the template with scissors and hold up the template in the place you want your final piece to fit. If the paper template fits perfectly, that’s great! Proceed forward and approve the drawing. If it doesn’t, mark up on the template the changes you need, measure them and either photograph your markings or write out your changes and reply back to us with your adjustments.

If you make any adjustments, we’ll send you back a final copy to make sure it’s right.

Approve the Drawing

To approve the drawing, reply back to the email we sent to you with your design. This will start your piece into production!

Your Custom Shaped Toe Kick goes into Production

Our production at is done at the highest quality possible, within our 6500 square foot ISO 9000-certified fabrication shop. This usually takes 10-14 days after the design is approved, but this time may vary a little bit. Then, your project is packaged and ships out directly to you. If you need your toe kick by a specific deadline, contact us and we will try our best to help you.

And as always, we are here for you! If you have any questions along the way, give us a call at (888) 547-5282 and we’re happy to help.